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best-private-label-pet-food-mfgLocated in Milton Vermont, we specialize in producing & packaging premium quality extruded products for dogs and cats. Our Product Development team is available to help you bring your new product ideas to market with an emphasis on safety & quality. We are pleased to offer low minimum order size requirements to facilitate the launch of new products for our customers.


Green Mountain Animal, LLC is a complete one-stop shop for all your custom formulation needs for companion animal health products and treats. We are experts in innovative formulation and product quality with the ability to manufacture and source a wide variety of delivery options—including extruded chews, extruded sticks, tablets, capsules, powders, gels and liquids—for your unique product.

As a contract manufacturer of animal health products and treats, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and safety throughout the manufacturing process. Contact us today to learn how we can help you create your custom animal health product or treat.


Why Work with Green Mountain Animal, LLC?


  • Science-based company led by seasoned industry and technical experts
  • Custom formulations with low minimums and competitive prices
  • Private label manufacturing of innovative, consumer driven products
  • Core leadership in National Animal Supplement Council (NASC)
  • USA-based manufacturer
  • We keep our promises

Product Development

Our experienced product development team can assist you with formulating your custom products to make a product that dogs and cats will crave while working within your budget.


To ensure that your products meet your standards for flavor and texture, we will make small sample batches for you to review. We know your time is valuable so we pride ourselves on our ability to make samples quickly using our small laboratory equipment and our full size extruders.


Dale Metz, CEO of Green Mountain Animal, is the Vice President and a founding member of the National Animal Supplement Council. With his 14 years of experience working with the FDA and Center for Veterinary Medicine, we can help you navigate the confusing world of regulatory compliance.


Green Mountain Animal has relationships with many of the animal rescue groups in our area so we have an ample supply of taste-testers to give us feed back on our flavors. The best formula in the world will not do any good if the animals will not eat it!


We know that you have great ideas for your new products so our facilities allow for a variety of packaging options to suit your needs. Our equipment can handle small or large batch sizes so you do not have to make a major volume commitment when launching a new product.

Full Service

From formulation and ingredient sourcing to packaging and shipping, Green Mountain Animal does it all to provide you with a finished product that is ready to put on the store shelf.



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Types of Dog Treats

What are the different types of dog treats? Pet owners love giving treats to their dogs. The concept of treat giving acts as an excellent training strategy that promotes and reinforces good behavior. Treats make a big part of a pawrent’s daily interaction with their fur baby. Many use treats to spoil their pet and build a stronger bond by keeping them happy. After all, dogs love food.

Types of Dog Treats | USA MFG

Dog Treat Varieties

Watching their dog’s tail begin to wag upon getting the slightest hint of ‘treat’ is a wonderful sight for all dog owners. While most dog owners enjoy their pet’s excitement, they’re unaware of the benefits of the right dog treats.

If you’re a pet company looking to expand your domain and include pet treats, you are in the right place. Here are the most popular dog treats and the reasons for their popularity.

Crunchy Treats

A lot of dogs prefer a solid crunch when snacking during the day. Chances are, your customers’ furry friends will love crunchy treats.

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors, crunch dog treats are usually made through old fashioned methods such as over baking. The best crunchy treats include cookies, biscuits, and health bars.

However, avoid producing crunchy dog treats with fillers like wheat and corn, since they can cause digestive issues. Unfortunately, some crunchy treats on the market may also contain artificial flavors and dyes. Such ingredients can harm your business when pet owners start noticing adverse effects.

Soft, Chewy Treats

Soft and chewy dog treats are suitable dog treats variety of puppies and older (senior) dogs. This type of dog treat helps dogs with oral and dental issues such as sore gums and teething troubles.

Soft dog treats range in shape, size, and flavor and dog parents can choose from various options. They have a pleasant taste and soft texture and often come in tiny sizes that your customers can easily carry around.

For these reasons, most dog owners prefer this dog treat variety during training. Additionally, dogs will not lose concentration during training as soft treats require little chewing time. High protein and low fat soft treats are ideal for dog training.

Dehydrated, Freeze Dried, and Jerky Treats

Freeze dried treats are one of the most healthy dog treats available. These treats offer a morsel similar to the food humans eat, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, etc.

Also known as jerky or dehydrated food, this type of treat undergoes a dehydration process. Usually, it involves dehydrating a piece of meat in a food dehydrator. Some people may also use an oven to create homemade treats for their dogs.

Pet owners prefer using dehydrated treats for dog training as they are typically a healthier alternative to soft treats. While soft treats contain artificial preservatives, freeze dried dog treats are usually just real meat. They are simply dehydrated to eliminate bacterial growth caused by moisture.

Jerky treat flavors typically include beef, chicken, seafood, liver, etc.

Types of Dog Treats | Private Label MFG USA

Dental Chews

Dogs are prone to oral and dental health issues such as gum disease. Over time, a dog becomes more vulnerable to the risk of developing dental conditions resulting from plaque and tartar buildup.

Dental chews or bone like treats can prevent dental issues by controlling tartar buildup. This hard yet digestible bone like dog treats clean hard to reach teeth, supporting gum health.

Besides, dental chews are also excellent for dog parents looking to improve their over feeding habits. Many dog owners struggle with controlling the number of treats they give their dogs in a day. For that reason, dental chews are high in demand today.

Types of Dog Treats: Conclusion

Green Mountain Animal LLC can help if you’re looking to hire a credible US contract manufacturing company for your pet products. We are an expert team that manufactures FDA-compliant products in small or large batches. Our services also include packaging products and shipping. Contact us at 802-752-4738 for further guidance.

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Importance of Pet Supplement Manufacturing

How important  is pet supplement manufacturing for the animal and pet industry? Dietary supplements for pets do not come in a “one size fits all” package. Hence, dog owners look for customized vitamins for their dog’s specific needs. For this reason, many pet product labels hire reliable pet supplement contract manufacturers to make products for dogs of all ages, from rambunctious puppies to mature canine companions.

Pet Supplement Manufacturing

If you are a pet food product company, keep reading to learn why pet supplement manufacturing is essential.

Supplements Provide Nutrients

Dogs may require a “boost” to get the essential nutrients in bioavailable amounts. Since fats and carbohydrates are common ingredients in dog food, specific vitamins and nutrients are lost when you heat or cook the food.

Expert veterinarians suggest supplementing the diet with essential ingredients to improve the dog’s food’s effectiveness and replenish any missing nutrients. However, always make sure you don’t give your pets too many unnecessary ingredients. More vitamins or a higher dose won’t necessarily make them healthier.

Supplements Boost the Immune System

A healthy immune system lowers the dog’s chances of developing heart disease, inflammation, cancer, osteoarthritis, and diabetes. A dog’s body will automatically regulate cells to ensure proper function while eradicating possibly hazardous pathogens before they become a problem. However, even minor disruptions in that organic process can lead to several health issues. Supplements help boost a dog’s immune system.If you are a pet food product company specializing in pet supplements, you need a reliable contract manufacturer to ensure high quality and compliance.

Supplements Increase Absorption

Dietary supplements use concentrated, protein based delivery systems to maximize the dog’s consumption of essential substances like chondroitin, which restores cartilage and enhances joints as they age. This guarantees that all supplements are bioavailable and available for maximum absorption in the dog’s body. So, hire the proper pet supplement manufacturer to cater to the pet owners’ needs.

Supplements Improve Coat and Skin

Many dogs experience skin problems and hair loss as a result of distress. While a variety of external stimuli may be the source of the inherent irritation, a coat specific supplement can help to prevent the onset or spread of a problem. Supplements containing fish oil, biotin, and amino acids can regenerate vital systems against common problems, such as ticks, lice, fleas, excessive shedding, etc.

You can discuss the product’s specifications with your contractor in the initial stage of pet supplement manufacturing.

Supplements Encourage Healthy Digestion

The effectiveness of probiotics increases when blended with soluble fiber and prebiotics. Prebiotics selectively encourage the development of a pet’s already present good bacteria, thereby increasing the chances of probiotic success. A supplement that manages to combine them both is referred to as ‘symbiotic,’ referring to the two’s beneficial interaction.

Best Pet Supplement Manufacturing USA

Supplements help Pets Age Gracefully

Any well balanced supplement aims to reduce the effects of aging on the dog through targeted nutrition, starting when they are young. Pet owners mostly look for age appropriate formulas that guarantee their pet’s body gets precisely what it needs for a happy, healthier lifestyle at each stage of development.Offering age specific supplements to your customers will help improve your sales.

Pet Supplement Manufacturing: Conclusion

For pet supplement manufacturing, you will need an experienced and professional contract manufacturer to ensure your customers get professionally produced and high quality products. If you are looking for the best pet supplement contract manufacturing company, get in touch with us at Green Mountain Animal LLC. We offer private label, small lot and bulk manufacturing, and many other unique and traditional pet product manufacturing and marketing services. 

Call today for a consultation:

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