Types of Pet Supplements

What are the main types of pet supplements? For pet parents, providing their fur babies with a healthy lifestyle is a top priority. They do the best they can to improve their pet’s quality of life and maximize comfort.

Types of pet supplements

Dogs need essential minerals and vitamins to thrive and live healthy, happy, and active life. A complete, balanced diet through products like AAFCO label dog food can help meet your dog’s ‘daily value’. However, dogs can still suffer from deficiencies that affect their health and quality of life. While nutrient deficiencies exist, they’re easy to overlook until your pet falls sick.

As awareness increases, more dog owners are using supplements to improve their pets’ health and reduce health risks. As a pet product business, you’re probably wondering what dog supplements you should start with.

Here are 3 common types of dog supplements that are high in demand:

Types of Pet Supplements

1.    Multivitamins: Overall Wellness

Pet owners often miss when their all-grown-up dogs were just tiny fur balls and full of energy. Young pups know how to keep their owners on their toes. While the mess may give them a hard time, pet owners prefer energetic dogs instead of lethargic, weaker ones.

Puppies are generally extremely energetic and want to explore their surroundings as much as possible, just like human babies. However, dogs tend to experience a drop in energy as they grow older. While it is normal to a certain extent, an extensive drop in energy levels is typically a bad sign.

Multivitamins contain a blend of essential minerals and vitamins that can help restore lost energy and promote overall well-being. For example, iron supports healthy blood flow, vitamin B improves metabolism, and so on.

Multivitamins generally cover all health aspects, including energy, digestion, immunity, heart health, and more.

2.    Joint and Hip Supplements

Dogs never fail to find inventive ways to use up leftover energy.

Whether they like taking long walks or jumping around in the backyard, dogs constantly put pressure on their bones and joints. Every energetic movement, especially prolonged activities, can lead to chronic pain and conditions like arthritis as the dog grows older.

While joint pain and arthritis are bad enough, dogs are also highly prone to hip dysplasia. If the condition worsens, it can also reduce the pet’s ability to walk and move around. Many breeds can even become lame.

Joint and hip supplemental blends can reduce health risks that affect a dog’s mobility. The most common combination in joint and hip supplements includes glucosamine, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), and chondroitin.

A compound naturally found in the body’s connective tissues, glucosamine repairs damaged cartilage, promoting normal joint function. On the other hand, MSM increases sulfur- essential to joint and cartilage composition. Lastly, chondroitin may help create new cartilage.

As such, joint and hip supplements promote mobility by improving joint flexibility in dogs.

Best types of pet supplements

3.    Prebiotics and Probiotics: Digestion

A healthy digestive tract is essential for a pet’s overall well being. After all, the gut is home to most of the immune cells in a dog’s body. Probiotics and prebiotic supplements can adequately support a dog’s digestive system and keep health in peak condition. These supplements offer similar benefits for furry pets as well as for humans.

But, what is the difference between probiotics and prebiotics? Probiotics are naturally occurring living organisms in the body, such as yeast or bacteria. Also known as ‘good bacteria’, probiotics inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

On the other hand, prebiotics such as fiber are compounds that probiotics consume for energy. So, prebiotics and probiotics supplements together can ensure a healthy and balanced digestive system for your customers’ dogs.

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