Types of Dog Treats

What are the different types of dog treats? Pet owners love giving treats to their dogs. The concept of treat giving acts as an excellent training strategy that promotes and reinforces good behavior. Treats make a big part of a pawrent’s daily interaction with their fur baby. Many use treats to spoil their pet and build a stronger bond by keeping them happy. After all, dogs love food.

Types of Dog Treats | USA MFG

Dog Treat Varieties

Watching their dog’s tail begin to wag upon getting the slightest hint of ‘treat’ is a wonderful sight for all dog owners. While most dog owners enjoy their pet’s excitement, they’re unaware of the benefits of the right dog treats.

If you’re a pet company looking to expand your domain and include pet treats, you are in the right place. Here are the most popular dog treats and the reasons for their popularity.

Crunchy Treats

A lot of dogs prefer a solid crunch when snacking during the day. Chances are, your customers’ furry friends will love crunchy treats.

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors, crunch dog treats are usually made through old fashioned methods such as over baking. The best crunchy treats include cookies, biscuits, and health bars.

However, avoid producing crunchy dog treats with fillers like wheat and corn, since they can cause digestive issues. Unfortunately, some crunchy treats on the market may also contain artificial flavors and dyes. Such ingredients can harm your business when pet owners start noticing adverse effects.

Soft, Chewy Treats

Soft and chewy dog treats are suitable dog treats variety of puppies and older (senior) dogs. This type of dog treat helps dogs with oral and dental issues such as sore gums and teething troubles.

Soft dog treats range in shape, size, and flavor and dog parents can choose from various options. They have a pleasant taste and soft texture and often come in tiny sizes that your customers can easily carry around.

For these reasons, most dog owners prefer this dog treat variety during training. Additionally, dogs will not lose concentration during training as soft treats require little chewing time. High protein and low fat soft treats are ideal for dog training.

Dehydrated, Freeze Dried, and Jerky Treats

Freeze dried treats are one of the most healthy dog treats available. These treats offer a morsel similar to the food humans eat, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, etc.

Also known as jerky or dehydrated food, this type of treat undergoes a dehydration process. Usually, it involves dehydrating a piece of meat in a food dehydrator. Some people may also use an oven to create homemade treats for their dogs.

Pet owners prefer using dehydrated treats for dog training as they are typically a healthier alternative to soft treats. While soft treats contain artificial preservatives, freeze dried dog treats are usually just real meat. They are simply dehydrated to eliminate bacterial growth caused by moisture.

Jerky treat flavors typically include beef, chicken, seafood, liver, etc.

Types of Dog Treats | Private Label MFG USA

Dental Chews

Dogs are prone to oral and dental health issues such as gum disease. Over time, a dog becomes more vulnerable to the risk of developing dental conditions resulting from plaque and tartar buildup.

Dental chews or bone like treats can prevent dental issues by controlling tartar buildup. This hard yet digestible bone like dog treats clean hard to reach teeth, supporting gum health.

Besides, dental chews are also excellent for dog parents looking to improve their over feeding habits. Many dog owners struggle with controlling the number of treats they give their dogs in a day. For that reason, dental chews are high in demand today.

Types of Dog Treats: Conclusion

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