Working with Private Label Pet Food Manufacturers: Step-by-Step Guide

Are you ready to enter the pet food industry as a private label brand? You’ll most likely need to work with a private label pet food manufacturer, and your business will need to create a standout product for a successful outcome. Continue reading for a straightforward step-by-step guide to building a private label brand and choosing the right manufacturer for your products.

Private Label Pet Food Manufacturers US

Becoming a Private Label Brand

Private Label offers retailers a huge opportunity to increase sales. Going private label to increase sales starts with a strong brand idea and products before a reliable pet food manufacturer turns it into realty.

As a newbie in the industry, you should have a general idea of your target market and customers, the product you want to produce, and volume. On the flip side, some startup owners may be confused about their ideas.

Regardless, experts can help execute your ideas and create a private label brand.

Your Ultimate 4-Step Guide

Here is how you can create the right pet food product for promising success in the industry.

Step #1: Choose a Private Label Pet Food Manufacturing Company

Production is nearly impossible without a pet food manufacturer on your side.

Therefore, select a credible and trustworthy private label pet food manufacturing company when creating a pet food brand. Make sure your chosen private label follows FDA regulations and the latest safety standards.

The best pet food manufacturers like Green Mountain Animal guide brands throughout the manufacturing process, designing, packaging, production, and distribution.

Step #2: Figure out Product Details

It is critical to know about the type of product you want to produce before beginning the manufacturing process. Doing so can lead to complications and troubles midway, which you should avoid at all costs.

If you don’t have a clear vision regarding your products, this is the time to confirm the necessary product details. Your pet food manufacturing company should help determine product details for your brand. However, make sure to look for alignment between product requirements and the manufacturer’s capabilities.

Here are some things you need to take care of during this step.

  • Type of Produce: What are you trying to deliver?
  • Customer Tier: Who do you want to serve with your product?
  • Product Volume: How many products do a single batch include?
  • Product Formula: What ingredients should your product contain?

Private Label Pet Food Manufacturers Northeast USA

Step #3: Get Quote

Once you have decided most things, you can sign an official contract with your pet food manufacturer.

Developing a formula with your manufacturing company should be enough to decide whether they are a reliable partner for future endeavors. If you’re satisfied and the manufacturer’s services seem promising, get an estimated quote.

Step #4: Develop Brand Attributes

Brand attributes and other aspects like product ≈ are closely tied with a private label brand’s success in the market. You need to work on engaging packaging and brand attributes to compel retail customers in trying your product.

Bag Size

Your product type, shape, size, and formula determine your product’s packaging, including bag size. Not to mention, you should also consider the amount of time the pet food will stay in the extruder as volume and density impact the size of the bag.

Besides bag size, consider the packaging materials, designs, and style.


Complying with the requirements of regulatory authorities is critical. According to the AAFCO model, your product packaging should contain clearly-written food labels.

Manufacturing Contract for Pet Food Products: Final Word

Green Mountain Animal LLC has you covered if you want to hire a credible US contract manufacturing company for your private label pet products brand. We are an expert team that manufactures FDA compliant products in small and big batches. Our services also include product packaging and shipping.

Contact us today for a professional consultation.

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