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best-private-label-pet-food-mfgLocated in Milton Vermont, we specialize in producing & packaging premium quality extruded products for dogs and cats. Our Product Development team is available to help you bring your new product ideas to market with an emphasis on safety & quality. We are pleased to offer low minimum order size requirements to facilitate the launch of new products for our customers.


Green Mountain Animal, LLC is a complete one-stop shop for all your custom formulation needs for companion animal health products and treats. We are experts in innovative formulation and product quality with the ability to manufacture and source a wide variety of delivery options—including extruded chews, extruded sticks, tablets, capsules, powders, gels and liquids—for your unique product.

As a contract manufacturer of animal health products and treats, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and safety throughout the manufacturing process. Contact us today to learn how we can help you create your custom animal health product or treat.


Why Work with Green Mountain Animal, LLC?


  • Science-based company led by seasoned industry and technical experts
  • Custom formulations with low minimums and competitive prices
  • Private label manufacturing of innovative, consumer driven products
  • Core leadership in National Animal Supplement Council (NASC)
  • USA-based manufacturer
  • We keep our promises

Product Development

Our experienced product development team can assist you with formulating your custom products to make a product that dogs and cats will crave while working within your budget.


To ensure that your products meet your standards for flavor and texture, we will make small sample batches for you to review. We know your time is valuable so we pride ourselves on our ability to make samples quickly using our small laboratory equipment and our full size extruders.


Dale Metz, CEO of Green Mountain Animal, is the Vice President and a founding member of the National Animal Supplement Council. With his 14 years of experience working with the FDA and Center for Veterinary Medicine, we can help you navigate the confusing world of regulatory compliance.


Green Mountain Animal has relationships with many of the animal rescue groups in our area so we have an ample supply of taste-testers to give us feed back on our flavors. The best formula in the world will not do any good if the animals will not eat it!


We know that you have great ideas for your new products so our facilities allow for a variety of packaging options to suit your needs. Our equipment can handle small or large batch sizes so you do not have to make a major volume commitment when launching a new product.

Full Service

From formulation and ingredient sourcing to packaging and shipping, Green Mountain Animal does it all to provide you with a finished product that is ready to put on the store shelf.



Monthly Archives: January 2024

Trends in Pet Product Manufacturing: What’s Hot in 2024?

Trends in Pet Product ManufacturingWhat are some trends in pet product manufacturing for 2024? The pet product industry is ever-evolving, driven by changing consumer preferences, advancements in pet care, and a growing focus on pet health and well-being. As we go through 2024 and beyond, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest trends shaping pet product manufacturing.

In this guide, we’ll explore what’s hot in the world of pet products for the year ahead. At Green Mountain Animal, LLC, a trusted contract manufacturer of pet products based in Vermont, USA, we keep a finger on the pulse of industry trends to help you create innovative and in-demand pet products.

1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Products

Sustainability remains a prominent trend in the pet product industry. Pet owners are increasingly seeking products that are kind to the environment, such as biodegradable pet waste bags, sustainable packaging, and eco-friendly pet toys made from recycled materials.

2. Natural and Organic Ingredients

Pet owners are becoming more health-conscious, leading to a rise in demand for pet products made with natural and organic ingredients. This trend extends to pet food, treats, supplements, and grooming products that prioritize high-quality, wholesome ingredients.

3. Functional and Health-Promoting Treats

Pet treats are not just indulgences; they’re also seen as functional tools for pet health. Expect to see an increase in treats that offer specific health benefits, such as dental care, joint support, and skin and coat health.

4. Personalized Nutrition

Pet owners are recognizing that one-size-fits-all pet food may not meet their pet’s unique needs. Personalized nutrition plans, including customized pet food formulations, are on the rise to address individual pet health concerns.

5. Tech-Enhanced Pet Products

The integration of technology into pet products continues to gain momentum. Smart pet feeders, health trackers, and interactive toys that engage and entertain pets remotely are becoming more prevalent.

6. CBD and Hemp-Based Products

CBD and hemp-based pet products are increasingly popular for their potential therapeutic benefits. Look for a wider range of CBD-infused treats, supplements, and grooming products.

7. Alternative Protein Sources

As the pet food industry explores more sustainable protein sources, expect to see an increase in alternative proteins such as insect-based, plant-based, and lab-grown options.

8. Transparent Branding and Labeling

Transparency in product branding and labeling is crucial to build trust with pet owners. Brands that provide clear information about ingredient sourcing, production processes, and product benefits will have a competitive edge.

9. Humanization of Pet Products

Pet owners increasingly view their pets as family members, leading to a demand for pet products that mimic human-grade quality. This trend extends to pet food, treats, supplements, and grooming products.

10. Specialty and Niche Products

Niche and specialty pet products catering to specific pet breeds, sizes, or lifestyles are gaining traction. These products offer tailored solutions for unique pet needs.

Trends in Pet Product Manufacturing 2024 2025

Trends in Pet Product Manufacturing: Partner with Green Mountain Animal, LLC

At Green Mountain Animal, LLC, we are committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends to help you create innovative and in-demand pet products. Whether you’re looking to develop sustainable, natural, or tech-enhanced pet products, we offer contract manufacturing and private label services to bring your ideas to life.

Contact Us to Stay on Trend

Ready to explore the latest trends in pet product manufacturing? Contact Green Mountain Animal, LLC, and let’s discuss how we can help you create pet products that align with the hottest trends of 2023.

Green Mountain Animal, LLC
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Together, we can meet the evolving demands of pet owners and provide innovative solutions for the well-being of pets everywhere.

Private Label or Branding: Which Is Right for Your Pet Product Line?

Private Label or Branding pet food mfgShould you go with private label or branding for your new pet product line? When it comes to launching a pet products, one of the first decisions you’ll face is whether to go with private label or create your own brand. Each approach has its advantages and considerations, and the choice depends on your goals and resources.

In this guide, we’ll compare private label and branding in the context of pet products to help you determine which is the right path for your venture. At Green Mountain Animal, LLC, a trusted contract manufacturer of pet products based in the USA, we work with both private label and branded pet product lines, and we understand the nuances of each.

Private Label Pet Products

Private label products are manufactured by one company but marketed and sold under another company’s brand name. Here are the key considerations for private label pet products:


1. Faster Market Entry:

Private label allows you to quickly enter the market with established products, saving time on product development.

2. Lower Costs:

Private label products often come with lower production and development costs compared to creating a brand from scratch.

3. Less Risk:

Since you’re leveraging existing products, the risk associated with untested ideas is reduced.


1. Limited Control:

You have limited control over the product’s formula, branding, and pricing.

2. Less Brand Recognition:

Private label products may have less recognition and customer loyalty compared to established brands.

3. Competition:

You’ll be competing with other businesses offering the same private label products, potentially leading to price wars.

Branded Pet Products

Creating a brand involves developing unique products and marketing them under your brand name. Here’s what to consider for branded pet products:


1. Brand Identity:

You have full control over your brand’s identity, allowing you to build a strong and recognizable presence in the market.

2. Product Differentiation:

Creating unique products enables you to stand out in a crowded market and charge premium prices.

3. Customer Loyalty:

A strong brand can cultivate customer loyalty and trust, leading to repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.


1. Longer Development Time:

Creating a brand from scratch requires more time and resources for product development and marketing.

2. Higher Costs:

Initial investment in branding, marketing, and product development may be higher.

3. Risk:

Launching a new brand carries inherent risks, including market acceptance and competition with established brands.

Choosing the Right Path

The choice between private label and branding depends on your goals, resources, and market strategy. Consider factors such as your budget, time frame, and long-term vision for your pet product line. It’s also essential to conduct market research to understand your target audience and competition.

Working with Green Mountain Animal, LLC

Green Mountain Animal, LLC, supports both private label or branded pet product lines. We offer contract manufacturing and private label services, allowing you to choose the path that aligns with your vision. Our experienced team can assist you in bringing your pet product ideas to life, whether through private label or branded products.

Private Label or Branding? Contact Us to Explore Your Options

Ready to take the next step in your pet product venture? Contact Green Mountain Animal, LLC, and let’s discuss your goals and explore the best approach for your pet product line.

Green Mountain Animal, LLC
75 Catamount Drive
Milton, Vermont 05468