All of your Animal Product Needs in One Place Located in Burlington Vermont, we specialize in producing & packaging premium quality extruded products for dogs and cats. Our Product Development team is available to help you bring your new product ideas to market with an emphasis on safety & quality. We are pleased to offer… Continue Reading

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Best Vitamins for Dogs

What are the best vitamins for dogs? Grocery stores and pharmacies are lined up with all kinds of vitamin supplements. Vitamins are an essential part of our diet, whose deficiency can affect our health in several ways. Vitamins play an important role in maintaining proper eyesight, good hair, immune system, bone health, teeth, and muscle… Continue Reading

Contract Manufacturing Pet Products – How Does It Work?

There is no denying that the pet product industry is the raging business and is expanding in the market. The pet product supplier represents 5.5 percent of the mainstream market, according to the latest survey. Surprisingly, the segment is expected to increases from $5 billion to $6.9 billion in the coming years. The reason for… Continue Reading

Best Dog Arthritis Supplements

Canine joints are a matter of tremendous concern for all pet owners, whether their pets are old or young. After all, if the joints function well, we rest assured that our dogs will live a long, happy, and physically active life. However, we need to make sure that we provide just the right boost our… Continue Reading

Private Label pet products – How it Works

How do you get private label pet products made? As the pet industry is accelerating with time, there is obviously a lot of competition going on in the market. Pet product retailers are making maximum efforts to stand out from the pack. Many brands and companies have come up with a variety of pet health… Continue Reading

Probiotics for Dogs

Have you heard about probiotics for dogs? A dog is a man’s best friend, and for pet parents, a dog is no less than a family member. According to the American Pet Products Association, more than 85 million US households own a pet. Like humans, pets also have health and nutritional needs. Americans spent nearly… Continue Reading

Pet Food Manufacturing for Pet Stores

Want to know more about pet food manufacturing for pet stores? According to the Pet Products Association in the USA, pet owners spent a staggering sum of $72 billion on their pets last year. $30.32 billion from that amount was spent on pet food. According to forecasts given by the 360 market study, there will… Continue Reading

Joint Supplements for Pets

(Source) Supplements help reduce the pain in our joints and repair damaged cartilage. There is no denying that joint health is of paramount importance for not only us but for our pets to live happy and long lives. Functioning joints are what allow our pets to move around and run freely without experiencing any soreness… Continue Reading

Dog Food Manufacturing

Since dog food is specifically formulated for consumption by canines and dogs, it is made with special ingredients. Although they are considered omnivores, dogs are also biased to being carnivores. They possess gastrointestinal tracts that are as short as are usually in omnivores and similar sharp, pointed teeth that suit meat consumption better than they… Continue Reading

Want to sell your own private label dog food or pet products?

Are you interested in selling your own private label dog food or pet product? Keep reading to find out more about this business idea. For starters, it is a very rewarding idea because people with pets treat them like their babies. They don’t hesitate or think too much while investing in good quality products for… Continue Reading

Health Supplements for Pets: Types and Benefits

What are types and benefits of health supplements for pets? Dietary health supplements are typically in the form of pills, meant to be consumed orally. These supplements include vitamins, amino acids and other important nutrients. They aim to provide health benefits to the consumer’s body and make sure that their body is getting the right… Continue Reading

2019 Pet Supplement Trends: CBD

We are a pet-loving nation. Most of us have a four-legged friend by our side.  There are times when even your friends and family are not present, but your pet is there to comfort you.  As per the American Pet Products Association, nearly 85 million US households own a pet with the annual cost exceeding… Continue Reading

What are CBD Chews, CBD Tinctures and CBD Gels for Pets?

Have you tried CBD hemp products for pets, rich in terpenes and phytocannabinoids? Our CBD products are designed for mammalian pets, especially cats, dogs, and horses, by veterinarians and experts. With the lowest level of THC in our products, we provide health care benefits your pets need. Your pet has zero chances of getting high… Continue Reading

What is CBD (Cannabidiol)?

CBD is the new “high” in the consumer products market today. From pain to anxiety, skin care to your diet, it is a component of almost every other product. You probably are one of the consumers of CBD. It is not only a drug anymore. Your morning latte may have CBD in it. Your friend… Continue Reading

What animal products do contract manufacturers produce?

Contract manufacturing refers to the outsourcing to a third party company to manufacture products from their portfolio that your company once prepared. Animal product contract manufacturing focuses on producing and selling good quality dietary supplements and other health products specifically for animals. Animal Products Supplements of all kinds come in different shapes to attract animals’… Continue Reading

Best Private Label Supplements for Pet Health

What are the best private label supplements for pet health? You give your dog two meals a day. However, do you keep a check on his health? Have you observed any weird behavior from his side? Could it be that he has digestive issues? Does your dog prefer to sit all day and is less… Continue Reading

Extruded Product Manufacturing for Cats & Dogs

Extruded product manufacturing for cats and dogs have been a very important part of the food industry for over a century. It’s the food extrusion process that makes your pasta, snack items, and pet food into cute little shapes. Had it not been for pet food extrusion, you would not have many options for dry… Continue Reading

Product Development, Marketing, and Compliance for Pet Product Mfg

Pet products constitute a growing industry. Start-up companies and small business are now hiring contract manufacturers for their pet products and treats. The private label manufacturing services assist in the whole process. Starting from the initial concept of the product to its formulation, designing to packaging and distribution –they cater all. Before its placement in… Continue Reading

Can CBD help my pet?

Can CBD Help my pet? Cannabidiol is a natural substance found in the cannabisand hemp plants. CBD has proven to be miraculous and therapeutic because of its effective healing properties. CBD has a close connection with THC, tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is a compound present marijuana plant extracts and is responsible for getting the patient high. This… Continue Reading

Top Quality Pet Tablet Manufacturer 

Green Mountain Animal, LLC offers custom formulation and manufacturing services to produce high-quality tablet supplements for companion animals. We are one of the Top quality pet tablet manufacturer in the USA. Our products are created using the highest quality ingredients in state of the art facilities, backed by a quality guarantee. Our custom formulation services… Continue Reading

Top Quality Soft Chew Pet Supplement & Treats Manufacturer

Green Mountain Animal, LLC specializes in custom formulation and manufacturing of safe, nutritional soft chew pet supplements & treats. Using the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing facilities, our products safe, healthy and tasty. Soft chew products are a simple way to administer nutritional supplements to pets. Products manufactured by Green Mountain Animal are made with… Continue Reading

Custom Formulation of Powder Supplements for Animals

Powder Pet Supplements Green Mountain Animal, LLC manufactures safe, nutritional powder supplements for animals using the highest quality raw ingredients. Our custom formulation services have produced some of the industry’s top selling formulas domestically and internationally. Powder Products Powder products can be formulated to include a variety of nutrients and supplements and are easily administered… Continue Reading

Custom Liquid Supplements for Animals MFG

Liquid Supplements for Animals Custom Formulations Green Mountain Animal, LLC is a custom formulation and manufacturing company that produces safe, nutritional custom liquid supplements for animals mfg. We use the highest quality ingredients and facilities to manufacture products that guarantee quality. Liquid Products Liquid products can be formulated to include a variety of nutrients and… Continue Reading

Contract Manufacturer of Gel Supplements for Pets

Green Mountain Animal is an industry leader contract manufacturer of gel supplements for pets and companion animals. With 25 years combined experience in the animal product industry, we are a full-service company: custom formulation, manufacturing, packaging & distribution, and marketing. Quality Ingredients Green Mountain Animal only uses the highest quality ingredients and raw materials, producing… Continue Reading

Top Pet Treat Manufacturer

Green Mountain Animal, LLC is the top pet treat manufacturer in the USA of safe and delicious pet treats that satisfy dogs, cats and distributors. We use the highest quality raw ingredients to produce treats and supplements on both small and large scales. Our Pet Products: Treats & Supplements We work with distributors to manufacturer… Continue Reading

Custom Formulation of capsule for Animals

Capsule Pet Supplements Green Mountain Animal, LLC offers custom formulation and manufacturing services to produce high-quality capsule supplements for companion animals. We use the best ingredients, strict formulation and manufacturing standards, and state of the art facilities. All our products are backed by a quality guarantee. Green Mountain Animal custom formulation manufacturing is led by… Continue Reading

Contract Manufacturer Pet Products

Top Pet Product Manufacturer Green Mountain Animal, LLC is a pet product manufacturer. We create safe and delicious pet products using the highest quality raw ingredients. Our services include custom formulation, manufacturing, packaging, distribution and marketing. Our Pet Products: Treats & Supplements Green Mountain Animal works side by side with distributors to manufacture a variety… Continue Reading

Custom Formulation animal products for Export

Pet Treats & Supplements for Export Green Mountain Animal, LLC is a full-service manufacturing and distribution company for pet and animal products. We manufacture safe, nutritional treats and supplements for both small and large scale orders, ready for export. Products manufactured by Green Mountain Animal are made with the highest quality ingredients in an assortment… Continue Reading

Marketing and Graphics, Labels, Boxing, Printing for Animal Products

Full Service Pet Product Marketing and Manufacturing Green Mountain Animal, LCC provides full service pet product manufacturing and marketing services. From initial formulation to packaging design and distribution, Green Mountain Animal guarantees quality and reliability. Marketing & Creative Services Green Mountain Animal creative services help you create and maintain strong branding to carry each product… Continue Reading