What is the American Pet Products Association?

The American Pet Products Association has been serving to facilitate the pet products industry since 1958. They are the leading trade association with a mission to develop, grow, and promote pet ownership and product manufacturing associations.

There are over 1,300 pet product manufacturers, importers, representatives, and livestock suppliers under the membership of the APPA. These members include large and small business enterprises supporting each other for the advancement of the industry. Below, you will find some roles that the American Pet Product Association is playing in the society for pets and their owners:

American Pet Product Association

What is the American Pet Products Association?

·       Monitoring Issues for Animals

The American Pet Product Association supports the PIJAC, the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, for a long-time. The PIJAC manages animal issues under the laws and regulations relating to the pet care community. The APPA works with PIJAC to ensure high breeder standards for animal welfare and meet growing demands for puppies in the United States. We understand how pets can impact the lives of humans in terms of working and traveling arrangements. That is why they emphasize the accessibility of pets for pet owners.

They advocate for a pet-friendly environment in the working and living spaces. Furthermore, they safeguard pet lovers’ rights by offering accessibility and safety regulations for pets traveling through airplanes. In addition, they support essential legislation to contribute to the person’s well-being and health with pets. For instance, the Pets and Women Safety Act helps domestic abuse survivors and their pets by providing them shelter.

·       For the Love of Pets

The American Pet Product Association has been the leading pet product industry for 60 years. They are leading and growing the industry for future advancement. From the start, they have adopted major changes in the market by taking a proactive approach and forestalling challenges affecting the pet care community.

Furthermore, they are fueling momentum, increasing productivity, and contributing to the industry’s ingenuity over the past few decades. As the organization grows, so does their love for pets’ health and well-being. The APPA ensures to provide pets with the life that they deserve.

All activities and tasks that the APPA performs relate to safeguarding pets and improving their relationship with caregivers. They support quality suppliers and manufacturers working hard to make sure that humans and pets live better lives.

·       Government & Regulatory Affairs

The American Pet Product Association has a Government and Regulatory Affairs Department. Here, they work on advancing the pet industry and their members with the help of member advocacy and cooperation. The department plays a vital role in acting between government officials and members for various issues. Furthermore, they also assist members in obeying state and federal requirements. You can find the Law and Products Library online with comprehensive details and summaries for proposed regulations and current bills.

American Pet Product Association APPA

·       Market Research

The association is publishing the National Pet Owner’s Survey since 1988. They provide the most comprehensive research study on consumers based on demographics such as traits of dog, cat, birds, fish owners, and their buying habits. The National Pet Owners Survey publishes their research every other year. It is the premium source to provide in-depth information on consumer behavior, service, product consumption, media habits, and lifestyle.

Furthermore, APPA also publishes the National Pet Market Opportunity Study to help non-pet owners understand the barriers and opportunities of owning a pet. Also, their latest APPA Generational Report identifies pet ownership throughout the generation, changes, trends, and new opportunities in the market of the product.

American Pet Products Association: Future of the Organization

More and more young people are taking an interest in safeguarding pets. Furthermore, Millennials are contributing a lot to the pet-owning demographic. They own 35 percent of the pets in the United States of America.

The APPA is researching to assess the demographics and generations around the world. They are exploring purchase habits, lifestyle trends, and market forecasting. APPA publishes the biennial National Pet Owners Survey. They identify opportunities and trends in the pet industry while monitoring consumer behavior for the development of the business.

Moreover, they continue publishing new research and keep the survey data up-to-date. The organization is also expanding operations to safeguard pets and provide relevant information to pet owners.

If you want further information about the APPA and how they help the industry, contact us at 802-752-4738 or visit our website.

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