National Animal Supplement Council

National Animal Supplement CouncilWhat do you know about the National Animal Supplement Council? If you are a product developer or owner, or you are looking to get your new idea launched by an animal product manufacturer, you need to learn more about this company, the standards it sets, and how it will play a role in the success of your company. In short, this organization is one that focuses on ensuring consumers are getting the very best in animal supplements possible. T


What Does the NASC Do?

National Animal Supplement CouncilThe National Animal Supplement Council, or NASC, provides specific focus on manufacturers that produce animal health supplements. This is an international organization and one that offers comprehensive standards to ensure that pets are getting the products they need. They work to help improve the quality of health supplements for pets. The goal is to ensure that any product that is sold, that gains this seal, will benefit animals, including horses, cats, dogs, and other companion animals, with the promised quality and the specific level of ingredients desired and promised. In short, they hold manufacturers to a higher standard.

Why Does This Matter?

Ten years ago, it may not have been a very big deal to many manufacturers and company owners to seek out a product manufacturer that could offer nearly human-grade results and qualities as it is today. This is due to many reasons.

    • Consumers are demanding better transparency. Where did the product come from, who manufactured it, and what was used in that process?
    • Consumers also want holistic and all natural ingredients, even in their supplements.
    • Consumers expect to always receive the same quality of nutrition in the products they buy and, they expect this to be the highest quality possible.

National Animal Supplement CouncilIf you are entering into the animal health supplement industry, look for an animal product manufacturer that specializes in this high level of attention to quality and detail. Look for a company that is a part of the National Animal Supplement Council. It can make a great deal of a difference not only in the final quality of the products you sell to your consumers but also to the success of your business going forward. Look for an NASC company you can trust.

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