Small Lot Contract Manufacturing of Animal Products

Small Lot Contract Manufacturing of Animal ProductsAre you a new company or do you have a brand new idea for a new pet food, treat or supplement? Today, Americans view their pets as a member of the family. They give pets more food options, allow them to be pickier about what they eat, and they demand a higher quality of food as well. Some people even offer human grade product to dogs and cats. If you want to play a role in giving consumers the products they want, but you do not want to launch a large brand just yet, you may need to look for a small lot contract manufacturing company to get started.

Why Small Lots Matter

In such a competitive industry, it has never been more important to ensure consumers have access to the products they want. However, it is not always advisable to launch a product with extensive product inventory when you are unsure how well it will work. Keep in mind that many products that enter the market do not remain their long term because of the competitiveness. Small lots can make it more affordable and more accessible for companies just getting a product out onto shelves to make only what they need so less is wasted in the process.

What to Look for in a Small Lot Manufacturer

Looking for a small lot contract manufacturing company for animal products starts with looking for a company that offers this service. Not all product manufacturers do. There are many reasons they may not including the cost limitations. However, you should never sacrifice quality here. Look for a manufacturer that can promise:

    • Readily available ingredients and supplements
    • Consistent high protein concentration to meet product demands
    • High stability of the product
    • Reductions in bacterial or viral concerns
    • USDA inspection of ingredients and final product as needed
    • Highly cost-effective ingredients and overall product

Quality is most important, especially in small lot investments. It is in these initial investments, after all, that your final product’s success will be. If you cannot do well in this area, you may not be able to launch fully. That is why it is so important to seek out a specialized small lot contract manufacturer who you can depend on to provide exceptional service and attention to your needs no matter what your animal product is, what it will cost to make, or how large your production is.

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