Custom Formulation animal products for Export

Pet Treats & Supplements for Export

Green Mountain Animal, LLC is a full-service manufacturing and distribution company for pet and animal products. We manufacture safe, nutritional treats and supplements for both small and large scale orders, ready for export. Products manufactured by Green Mountain Animal are made with the highest quality ingredients in an assortment of tasty flavors.

Pet Treats & Supplements Manufacturing

Green Mountain Animal uses quality, tested ingredients to manufacture pet and animal products in a variety of flavors. Our research and development team is constantly creating new formulas to match industry trends. We partner with local rescue centers to form a team of taste-testers (it doesn’t do any good if your pet won’t eat it!). We offer clients the option to sample a test batch of products before scaling production. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Custom Formulation

The Green Mountain Animal research and development team is led by an expert formulator with over 10 years of experience. Our innovative formulation and state of the art manufacturing facilities allow clients to pilot scale batches, testing formula variations and bringing only the best products to market. Our quality standards are defined by stability, safety, shelf life and palatability.

Ingredients & Raw Materials

All ingredients and raw materials undergo rigorous testing for identity, purity and potency before ever being placed into a product. We keep detailed data records of all source material which allows us to quickly recall a product in the event it’s determined dangerous to pets. Animal safety is our top priority.

Packaging, Distribution & Export

Not only does Green Mountain provide high-quality manufacturing services, but our services are the full package. Clients can select from a variety of services including custom formulation, packaging, distribution and export. We have over 25 years of leadership experience in the pet industry, working with reputable animal health organizations and companies worldwide. Our contacts help clients distribute, export and market products worldwide.

Marketing & Creative Services

Green Mountain Animal creative services help clients create and fine tune products’ graphics, labels, boxing, website content and promotional materials. What your say is as important as what your selling and we can help you deliver that message.

Compliance – Pet Product Industry Regulations

All products manufactured at Green Mountain Animal are backed by a quality guarantee. We are committed to using the highest quality ingredients, research standards, and technology to create products that exceed customer expectations. As a global leader in the pet industry, we not only hold ourselves to these high standards but have partnered with animal global health organizations to raise industry standards and create a better world for pets.

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