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Full Service Pet Product Marketing and Manufacturing

contract-mfg-pet-food-products-marketin-packaging-formulations-best-usa-03Green Mountain Animal, LCC provides full service pet product manufacturing and marketing services. From initial formulation to packaging design and distribution, Green Mountain Animal guarantees quality and reliability.

Marketing & Creative Services

Green Mountain Animal creative services help you create and maintain strong branding to carry each product to market success. Create and fine tune your products’ graphics, labels, boxing, website content and promotional materials. With decades of combined experience in the pet industry, we know the market and we know what sells.

Graphics & Labels


Good branding can make your product stand out from the rest, whether it’s in the store or on the web. Our team creates graphics and labels for packaging that match your existing brand guidelines or can help you create images from scratch.


Our state of the art packaging facilities ensure that branding on your boxes matches your creative vision. We produce quality products, consistently.

Website Content

Your website is the voice of your company. Let your customers know what you have to offer, and the mission behind your product. Whether you need help building your website or want to expand its content, we have you covered.

Promotional Materials

From brochures to business cards, we can help you create marketing collateral to get your products buzzing in the market.

Packaging, Distribution & Product Development

Our state of the art manufacturing facilities are designed to meet industry standards in safety and quality, with the ability to produce both small and large scale orders. We manufacturer a variety of products and packaging to meet our clients’ specifications.

Pet Treats & Supplements Manufacturing

Green Mountain Animal, LLC manufactures safe, nutritional pet treats and supplements that satisfy dogs, cats and distributors. We use the highest quality raw ingredients to create products for both small and large scale orders.

Quality Ingredients & Raw Materials

Green Mountain Animal only uses the highest quality ingredients in our pet products. We partner with companies that we can trust to provide us the raw ingredients and we keep careful track of every material. If a ingredient ever poses a threat to an animals’ healthy, we have the ability to recall it immediately. Safety is our number one priority.

Compliance – Pet Product Industry Regulations

Green Mountain Animal is over 25 years of combined leadership experience in the companion animal industry. Not only do we hold our own products at the highest standards for quality, but we act as influencers in the global pet product industry. We’ve formed alliances with reputable animal healthy organizations worldwide to raise industry standards of animal health products and treats.


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