Custom Formulation of Extruded Sticks for Animals

Pet Products: Extruded Stick Treats

Manufacture top quality extruded stuck health and treat products for companion animals. Green Mountain Animal, LLC manufactures bully sticks, bladder sticks, and dental chews in a variety of flavors that satisfy dogs, cats and distributors. We offer custom formulation, manufacturing, distribution and marketing services.

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Flavors

Green Mountain only uses top quality ingredients and source materials, with a quality backed guarantee. Our research and development team is on top of industry trends, constantly creating new formulas to match the ever-evolving needs of the client. Taste is a priority too and we partner with local rescue centers to form a team of taste-testers. Because our facilities can produce both large and small scale orders, we offer clients the option to sample a test batch of products before scaling production.

Green Mountain Animal produces extruded stick products in the form of:

  • Training treats

Custom Formulation

Our research and development team is led by an expert formulator with 10 years experience in the animal product industry. Each formulation is unique, research-based, and designed to meet client satisfaction and industry trends. Our lab is equipped to produce pilot scale batches to give you the best product.

Real Animal Taste Testing

Green Mountain Animal partners with local animal rescue groups to taste test our products, getting real feedback on our flavors. We believe good health should taste good too.

Manufacturing, Distribution & Marketing

Green Mountain Animal manufacturing facilities house a variety of mixers, 2 twin screw extruders, an automated packaging line and a lab for small scale batches. We are set-up to produce sample-size product batches to ensure the flavor is up to your standards.

We also provide packaging, distribution and marketing services. Green Mountain Animal provides creative services are backed by decades of experience in the animal product industry. We know what works. Our clients can choose to use our team for creation of product labels, website content and promotional materials.

Our Products

contract-mfg-extruded-pet-food-supplements-best-usa-02Always on the cutting edge of the industry, we are constantly adding product forms to our repertoire. Currently, we manufacture:

  • Soft chews (our speciality!)
  • Powders
  • Tables
  • Capsules
  • Liquids
  • Gels
  • Extruded Sticks

Compliance – Pet Product Industry Regulations

Green Mountain Animal has 25 years of combined experience in the animal product industry, as a leader and innovator in healthy standards for companion animals. We guarantee quality, compliance with all local, state and federal regulations, and regulatory support. We provide customers with Certificates of Analysis, Specification Sheets and Shipping Documents.


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