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Green Mountain Animal, LLC is a pet supplements manufacturer. We produce safe and nutritional pet supplements using the highest quality raw ingredients to satisfy dogs, cats and distributors.

Our Pet Products: Treats & Supplements

With decades of combined experience, we work side-by-side with distributors to manufacture a variety of supplements for companion animals. Every ingredient and raw material we use is thoroughly tested for quality, purity and taste. And, we provide compliance checks so you can rest assured your products are regulatory-friendly.

Soft Chews

Green Mountain Animal manufactures soft chew products to include a variety of nutritional supplements: healthy hips & joints, fresh breath, complete multivitamin, glucosamine, digestion, behavior, healthy skin and coat, immune support, liver support, etc.

Treat Sticks

Treat sticks can be formulated to include vitamin and nutrient supplements, manufactured in the form of bully sticks, bladder sticks, dental chews, or others.


Powder products can be formulated to include supplements for enzymes, muscle building, vitamins, bladder support, eye support, etc. These products are one of the simplest ways to administer supplements to pets.

Tablets, Capsules, Liquids and Gels

Green Mountain Animal can help you formulate and manufacture tablets, capsules, liquids and gels for animals that meet compliance standards.

Packaging, Distribution & Product Development

Green Mountain Animal provides services including initial product formulation, packaging, distribution and marketing. Our team of formulation experts has 25 years of combined experience in the companion animal industry. All products meet global industry standards for health and safety. Beyond that, we provide creative services to help you create beautiful, on-brand packaging, product labels, website content and promotional materials.

Compliance – Pet Product Industry Regulations

Our CEO, Dale Metz, is an animal product industry influencer. The Vice President and a founding member of the National Animal Supplement Council with 14 years experience working with the FDA and the Center for Veterinary Medicine, there’s no one else you’d rather trust to create quality animal products. Beyond Green Mountain, he’s formed alliances with animal health organizations worldwide to raise industry standards for companion animal health products and treats.


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