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animal-pet-vitamins-supplements-manufacturing-usa-03Green Mountain Animal, LLC offers custom formulation and manufacturing services to produce high-quality tablet supplements for companion animals. We are one of the Top quality pet tablet manufacturer in the USA. Our products are created using the highest quality ingredients in state of the art facilities, backed by a quality guarantee.

Our custom formulation services are led by a team of experienced scientists well-versed in pet-industry trends. Our tablet products are a simple and effective way to administer nutritional supplements and medicines to pets.

Quality Ingredients & Raw Materials

Green Mountain Animal product sources all it’s ingredients and raw materials from trusted vendors, ensuring the highest quality ingredients. All ingredients and materials are tested for identity, purity and potency.

Custom Formulation

custom-formulation-marketing-packaging-pet-tablet-supplements-usa-02Our custom formulation services are founded in research-based, scientific methods and industry trends. Led by an expert formulator with over 10 years of experience in the animal health industry, we create products that are domestic and global leaders in the industry. Our lab facilities allow all products are able to be made in small-scale test batches so clients can sample the product before it goes to scale.


We not only guarantee quality ingredients and formulas, we guarantee good taste. We’ve partnered with local animal rescue groups to form a team of animal taste testers.

Marketing & Graphics

Clients can select from a variety of creative services including packaging, distribution, marketing and graphics. We have over 25 years combined experience in the pet industry, giving us a handle on the market and the knowledge of what sells and what doesn’t. Clients can choose to have our team help design branding—labels, packaging and even website content. For clients that choose to use a third party, we reserve the right to proof the label for content and label claims prior to printing.

Our Products

top-usa-contract-mfg-animal-supplements-pet-tablets-01Always on the cutting edge of the industry, we are constantly adding product forms to our repertoire. Currently, we manufacture:

  • Soft chews (our speciality!)
  • Powders
  • Tables
  • Capsules
  • Liquids
  • Gels
  • Extruded Sticks

About Us

Green Mountain Animal, LLC is committed to advancing the pet health industry by backing companies that produce safe, healthy and tasty products for companion animals. Our customer formulation, manufacturing and product development services are held to the highest standards in the industry. We guarantee quality with every product we produce.

Green Mountain Animal, LCC is an advocate for healthy animal products worldwide. We align ourselves with animal health organizations across the globe, fighting for higher standards of products.


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