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best-private-label-pet-food-mfgLocated in Milton Vermont, we specialize in producing & packaging premium quality extruded products for dogs and cats. Our Product Development team is available to help you bring your new product ideas to market with an emphasis on safety & quality. We are pleased to offer low minimum order size requirements to facilitate the launch of new products for our customers.


Green Mountain Animal, LLC is a complete one-stop shop for all your custom formulation needs for companion animal health products and treats. We are experts in innovative formulation and product quality with the ability to manufacture and source a wide variety of delivery options—including extruded chews, extruded sticks, tablets, capsules, powders, gels and liquids—for your unique product.

As a contract manufacturer of animal health products and treats, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and safety throughout the manufacturing process. Contact us today to learn how we can help you create your custom animal health product or treat.


Why Work with Green Mountain Animal, LLC?


  • Science-based company led by seasoned industry and technical experts
  • Custom formulations with low minimums and competitive prices
  • Private label manufacturing of innovative, consumer driven products
  • Core leadership in National Animal Supplement Council (NASC)
  • USA-based manufacturer
  • We keep our promises

Product Development

Our experienced product development team can assist you with formulating your custom products to make a product that dogs and cats will crave while working within your budget.


To ensure that your products meet your standards for flavor and texture, we will make small sample batches for you to review. We know your time is valuable so we pride ourselves on our ability to make samples quickly using our small laboratory equipment and our full size extruders.


Dale Metz, CEO of Green Mountain Animal, is the Vice President and a founding member of the National Animal Supplement Council. With his 14 years of experience working with the FDA and Center for Veterinary Medicine, we can help you navigate the confusing world of regulatory compliance.


Green Mountain Animal has relationships with many of the animal rescue groups in our area so we have an ample supply of taste-testers to give us feed back on our flavors. The best formula in the world will not do any good if the animals will not eat it!


We know that you have great ideas for your new products so our facilities allow for a variety of packaging options to suit your needs. Our equipment can handle small or large batch sizes so you do not have to make a major volume commitment when launching a new product.

Full Service

From formulation and ingredient sourcing to packaging and shipping, Green Mountain Animal does it all to provide you with a finished product that is ready to put on the store shelf.



Monthly Archives: June 2021

What is the American Pet Products Association?

The American Pet Products Association has been serving to facilitate the pet products industry since 1958. They are the leading trade association with a mission to develop, grow, and promote pet ownership and product manufacturing associations.

There are over 1,300 pet product manufacturers, importers, representatives, and livestock suppliers under the membership of the APPA. These members include large and small business enterprises supporting each other for the advancement of the industry. Below, you will find some roles that the American Pet Product Association is playing in the society for pets and their owners:

American Pet Product Association

What is the American Pet Products Association?

·       Monitoring Issues for Animals

The American Pet Product Association supports the PIJAC, the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, for a long-time. The PIJAC manages animal issues under the laws and regulations relating to the pet care community. The APPA works with PIJAC to ensure high breeder standards for animal welfare and meet growing demands for puppies in the United States. We understand how pets can impact the lives of humans in terms of working and traveling arrangements. That is why they emphasize the accessibility of pets for pet owners.

They advocate for a pet-friendly environment in the working and living spaces. Furthermore, they safeguard pet lovers’ rights by offering accessibility and safety regulations for pets traveling through airplanes. In addition, they support essential legislation to contribute to the person’s well-being and health with pets. For instance, the Pets and Women Safety Act helps domestic abuse survivors and their pets by providing them shelter.

·       For the Love of Pets

The American Pet Product Association has been the leading pet product industry for 60 years. They are leading and growing the industry for future advancement. From the start, they have adopted major changes in the market by taking a proactive approach and forestalling challenges affecting the pet care community.

Furthermore, they are fueling momentum, increasing productivity, and contributing to the industry’s ingenuity over the past few decades. As the organization grows, so does their love for pets’ health and well-being. The APPA ensures to provide pets with the life that they deserve.

All activities and tasks that the APPA performs relate to safeguarding pets and improving their relationship with caregivers. They support quality suppliers and manufacturers working hard to make sure that humans and pets live better lives.

·       Government & Regulatory Affairs

The American Pet Product Association has a Government and Regulatory Affairs Department. Here, they work on advancing the pet industry and their members with the help of member advocacy and cooperation. The department plays a vital role in acting between government officials and members for various issues. Furthermore, they also assist members in obeying state and federal requirements. You can find the Law and Products Library online with comprehensive details and summaries for proposed regulations and current bills.

American Pet Product Association APPA

·       Market Research

The association is publishing the National Pet Owner’s Survey since 1988. They provide the most comprehensive research study on consumers based on demographics such as traits of dog, cat, birds, fish owners, and their buying habits. The National Pet Owners Survey publishes their research every other year. It is the premium source to provide in-depth information on consumer behavior, service, product consumption, media habits, and lifestyle.

Furthermore, APPA also publishes the National Pet Market Opportunity Study to help non-pet owners understand the barriers and opportunities of owning a pet. Also, their latest APPA Generational Report identifies pet ownership throughout the generation, changes, trends, and new opportunities in the market of the product.

American Pet Products Association: Future of the Organization

More and more young people are taking an interest in safeguarding pets. Furthermore, Millennials are contributing a lot to the pet-owning demographic. They own 35 percent of the pets in the United States of America.

The APPA is researching to assess the demographics and generations around the world. They are exploring purchase habits, lifestyle trends, and market forecasting. APPA publishes the biennial National Pet Owners Survey. They identify opportunities and trends in the pet industry while monitoring consumer behavior for the development of the business.

Moreover, they continue publishing new research and keep the survey data up-to-date. The organization is also expanding operations to safeguard pets and provide relevant information to pet owners.

If you want further information about the APPA and how they help the industry, contact us at 802-752-4738 or visit our website.

Pet Food Suppliers

Choosing pet food suppliers for your business requires adequate knowledge about customers’ preferences. You need to know what customers look for when they buy products for their pets. This article will help you choose the best pet food suppliers so you can attract potential customers:

1.    Check the Label

You will find a lot of valuable information on pet food labels. Although they are complex to read, they provide a plethora of crucial information. When looking to satisfy customers with suitable products, you need to spend some time and effort. If you provide the best product that your customer requires, you develop a favorable relationship with them.

Pet Food Suppliers

The first thing to consider is the product’s ratings from customers. Pet food products with higher ratings are according to the customers’ choice and preference. For instance, food items with low ratings will include:

  • More by-products
  • Less meat
  • Anonymous meat ingredients
  • Controversial preservatives

2.    Consider the Company

Many dog owners do not prefer large pet food companies. Customers search for high-quality products, and are likely to look for safer food items that use only high quality ingredients. They do not want to risk their pet’s health. That is why you need to consider the company making the products. Your decision will differ based on the type of products they manufacture. The best thing you can do for potential customers is to manufacture a nutritional product. This way, you can offer them the best quality and nutritional products without any side effects and health risks. Many suppliers do not even consider the ingredient or nutrient content when they sell you the outcome.

3.    Identify the Manufacturer

Many dog owners purchase pet food from a specific food company. Later on, they do not prefer switching to others. Especially they choose products from the retailers who manufacture products based on their recipe. They believe that purchasing from third-party manufacturers is not suitable for their pets.

You can be a top preference if you develop your own pet food product. At this point, you probably think that making your own products can be costly and needs a lot of effort. While this is true, you can choose a manufacturing company that customizes pet food products for you. Green Mountain Animal LLC facilitates their clients in manufacturing new products according to customers’ preferences. So if you want to provide customers with the best quality of pet food items, manufacture your own.

4.    Question Product Design

When you purchase a product from a pet food supplier, you cannot be sure that animal nutritionists manufactured those products. As a retailer for pet food production, you should ensure that your customer receives the best product. The product design should be engaging and follow guidelines for nutritional health for the pets. Checking nutritional benefits for the animal in question is not the only factor you need to consider. You should also check if the manufacturers qualify to produce pet food.

5.    Confirm Nutrient Testing

Choose a product with nutritionally-balanced ingredients. For that, you need to perform nutritional content testing. When you provide customers with tested products, they will love to purchase from you. You can run feeding trials or laboratory analyses.

Top Pet Food Suppliers USA

6.    Investigate Ingredient Sources

The pet food quality depends on the ingredients the product includes. It is possible that the product you provide customers doesn’t actually include the ingredients on the box. Furthermore, labels usually do not include much information. So if you want to make your customers happy by providing them the best product, you should investigate the ingredients and research their effects on pets. This way, you can also provide customers with enough information so they can make the right decision in choosing the best product.

7.    Demand Transparency

Many pet food manufacturing companies produce artificial products and use marketing techniques to conceal products’ information. If you purchase pet food items from such companies, you will negatively affect the market.

If you want to hear from your customers again, ensure that the products fulfill pets’ nutritional requirements & comply with high standards. When your product improves a pet’s health, it strengthens your customer-brand relationship further. Every customer needs transparency from the retailers. You can ensure them that you are providing the right products by helping them choose the best one. Share information about your products and why they’re the best choice. Being honest with customers helps increase their loyalty.

Pet Food Suppliers: Conclusion

Offer your customers the best pet food by choosing Green Mountain Animal LLC for your contract manufacturing needs. We provide wide-ranging high quality products to satisfy your customers pet product needs.

Our product development team will assist you in providing great custom pet food products that work within your budget. For further information, contact us at 802-752-4738.